Originally we started out as professional photographers, running our own photography studio and photographing events such as weddings and parties. 


Our passions for photography then lead us to begin our own successful journey as photo booth owners.

Combining a decade of experience, extensive knowledge, the desire to bring something new and exciting to the events industry has lead us to design our own range of magic mirrors.

We pride our selves on having top of the range photo booths and  excellent customer service skills, with these combined you can only be a snap away from success!  


Photo booths/magic mirrors are the latest in entertainment for any event, celebration and weddings. They provide amazing memories and an unique  experience for hosts and guests. 

Investing with us  will have many benefits including:

  • High returns – low investment 

  • Can be run part-time or full-time

  • Easy to start your business (comes with training and support)

  • Flexible work hours

  • Low running costs

  • Opportunity to expand business by investing in more mirrors / employee staff to run additional mirrors for your company


On average the mirror rents out at a minimum of £450 for 4 hours hire and can hire out  up to £650 for 4 hours depending on your area! The price will also increase if you client wishes to book you for longer. This means the return on Investment is amazing!!!


On average your running costs per booking will cost no more £30, this covers the cost of ink/paper, USB stick and photo album. The only other cost is your travel to venue ( which will vary depending on how far you wish to travel)


A typical month in the event and rental business can easily have 4 events, so whether you're new in the field or a veteran - You can pay the investment back in around 4 to 5 months or less!!


Below is a table showing potential forecast of annual earnings. We have based it on the lower amount of £450 per event (with 1 to 3 mirrors and with 4 bookings a month and up to 8). Imagine the potential if you decide to charge the higher amount of £650 or for a booking that is longer than 4 hours!

potentail profit.png

When you buy a mirror from us we offer:


​When you invest with us you will receive :

  • Software updates

  • Software license in your name

  • Remote access to your laptop

  • Training on collection

  • Information and advice on easy ways to generate business  

  • A full days training 


Free training is provided on collection and covers in depth:

  • Everything you need to know about setting up and operating your mirror

  • Effective ways to generate business straight away (using social media, Google ads etc.)

  • Marketing and booking resources (we provide you with booking forms, email templates, images which you can use to advertise your company)


When you buy a Magic Mirror from us it will come complete with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty

glitter and boka Final
glitter and boka Final

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IMG_0475n frame N

glitter and boka Final
glitter and boka Final