The magic mirror collapsible is a transportable version of the Magic Mirror Flight Case. It is designed using steel poles and durable connectors to allow a push fit system. The tried and tested technique, along with padded transportation bags makes it easy to set up and can be done within 35 minutes.

PVC coating means that your mirror will look sophisticated and you can even add customized branding to stand out even more.

This glamorous mirror captures full length photos, when you stand infront of the mirror you will see your reflection, helping you to get the perfect pose! Touch the glass to start the mirror, fun animations  count down will appear and  'Like magic'  the mirror will take your picture, each photo appears on the glass and after three photos your picture will then instantly print in less than 10 seconds.



Magic mirror structure:

  • Steel poles and durable connectors to allow a push fit system

  • Padded bags to transport poles, pvc covers, toughened glass and monitor

  • Elegantly Angled/tilted mirror

  • Kitted out of interior- shelf for camera and camera mount

  • Standard mirror frame (various designs available)

  • Interactive touch screen

  • LCD display screen (40")

Electrical Equipment:

  • Laptop- Wi-Fi enabled

  • Software

  • Software license in your name

  • Camera: Digital SLR Canon Camera (with quick release system)

  • Dye Sub Printer- Fuji

  • Flash lighting and light stand (one of the best proffessional lightgreat quality photos in all lighting conditions)

  • Diffuser for flash lighting

  • All required wires, including live feed battery

  • Pre-loaded digital print templates

  • Colourful interactive animation with voice guidance


  • Toughened Glass- Completely reflective, when you look into glass you see your reflection 

  • Complete touch screen experience

  • Elegantly angled/tilted mirror, which means more people can be captured in each photo, also ensures that tall people are always captured

  • Fun animations- our new animations are big and better

  • Live Preview – the mirror takes 3 photos and after each photo is taken the photo will appear  

  • Pre- loaded templates that can be customised  

  • Secret button on the mirror means you can print additional copies easily

  • Low running costs Print price is only 8-10p per print-approx £20 per 4 hours

  • Easy to use software & training provided

  • Easy set up & pack-down in 35 minutes

  • Changeable frames faces (includes 1 choice as standard)

  • Both magic mirrors fits in estate cars or vans.  


Free training is provided on collection and covers in depth:

  • Everything you need to know about setting up and operating your mirror

  • Effective ways to generate business straight away (using social media, Google maps, Google ads etc.)

  • Marketing and booking resources (we provide you with booking forms, email templates, images which you can use to advertise your company)


When you buy a Magic Mirror from us it will come with 12 months manufacturer’s warranty

*please note  as our products are made to order they are not refundable/ returnable.

Collapisible mirror -.jpg
Collapisible mirror EMT.jpg


  • Telephone support

  • Whatsapp support

  • Software updates

  • Software license in your name

  • Remote access to your laptop

  • Training on collection

  • Information and advice on easy ways to generate business  

Fits into small cars 

This magic mirror collapses down and the parts pack away into their own specially designed bags. This makes transporting it easy as it can fiit into small cars. 

When assembled the mirror measures:





Your magic mirror uses flash light. This means that no matter the surroundings or venue conditions your images will be in focus,sharp and colourful.


We have bigger, brighter and better animations for 2019!

Magic Mirror Flight Case N L.jpg

Explore our amazing range of mirror templates


Remember you get 10 free templates with each mirror you purchase! 

You can also add to your range of magic mirror and seated booth range from as little as £5.99